Will Japan Finally Get Casinos?

Even though today in Japan you can bet on horse, boat and bicycle races, casinos are still illegal. Liberal Democratic Party lead by the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already submitted Integrated Resorts Promotion bill to the parliament last year, but the discussion was postponed due to more pressing national issues. Prime Minister now needs the support of his junior coalition partner, the Buddhist-backed Komeito, who has indicated he doesn’t oppose the debate but is cautious on the subject because of ethical issues. According to a 2013 study sponsored by the Health Ministry, almost 5% of Japanese adults are addicted to gambling, which is 5 times the rate of most other nations.

The current parliament session ends on 14th December and it’s yet to be seen if the bill can be passed in time. Should Shinzo Abe and LDP be successful in getting casino-style gaming decriminalized, a further IR Implementation bill would need to be approved before interested investor start building. And there are quite of few of those who have been lobbying for years and are now eagerly waiting for the results. Hard Rock Café International, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts Ltd and Genting Singapore are among those who’ve already made their interests clear.

MGM CEO James Murren said they would spend between $5 to $10 billion on an integrated resort which includes casinos, hotels, shopping and conference space in Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka. Las Vegas Sands indicated a similar potential investment. Earlier this year, their CEO Sheldon Adelson said “this fall the Diet may reintroduce the question of legalizing gaming, and if they do, we will certainly be there as a candidate. And we have incredible iconic buildings to build.” Kazuo Okada, the owner of Universal Entertainment who has built his fortune manufacturing slot machines and Japanese pachinko machines, is one of the two major local contenders for a Japan IR license.

Supporters of the bill claim the launch of integrated casino resorts could stimulate regional economies through tourism. Some experts believe that if the bill is not passed during this session, it could end up shelved for a while. This would make it impossible for casino resorts to be constructed in Japan before the 2020 Summer Olympics. Having already waited for a long time, interested developers might lose patience and take their money elsewhere.

While this article is really unrelated to online casinos, we think it is somewhat amazing that a country like Japan does not have any land based casinos, let alone online casinos. Japan is the video game capital of the world and we would like to see online casinos become some of the culture their as well. It would be a huge market for online casinos and anything that grows the online gaming business is good n our mind. As it becomes accepted around the globe, it will make it easier on everyone who likes to play at real money online casinos. Once this results of this bill are publicized we will share the results here.

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What Are the Best Online Casinos

That’s a BIG question! Even though there are certain standard factors online casinos must comply with in order to be considered for a top list, it’s only the gambler that knows the best ‘what’s best’.

Let’s talk about those factors that have an important role in the way we rate an online casino:

1. License

No license no party! It comes without saying that an online casino must be officially licensed. Although a gaming license doesn’t necessarily make it perfect, it’s an indicator that someone somehow regulates its activity. And as a player you feel a little bit more safe in terms of banking and security in general. Some online casinos might have two or more licenses which usually allows them to operate in more territories (accept players from more countries thus).

2. Software/Platform

That’s another big factor to consider. What software an online casino is powered by, usually indicates what games it comes with and how smooth they are. It is known that some casino software providers specialize on slots, some go for table games, some go for live or mobile, it’s important to choose one which is best in the niche the player is mostly interested in.

3. Casino reviews

Even though every opinion is subjective (or else it wouldn’t be an opinion), it’s still recommended to read several reviews for the online casino you intend to sign up with. Online casino reviews are important because many times you will discover things you wouldn’t have paid much attention otherwise and might help you in making an informed decision.

4. Banking

No matter how good an online casino is, it is of no good for you in particular if it does not support a payment method you feel comfortable with. It is known that payment methods accepted for deposits and withdrawals may vary from one casino to the other, so make sure you sign up with one that is good for you in terms of banking.

5. Bonus structure Casino bonuses are important because generally speaking, they give you something for free. It can be a warm welcome bonus, a nice reload bonus, a free play or a no deposit casino bonus. Remember to always pay attention to rules and make sure you understand rollover requirements and general T&C before you accept a bonus. After all, you are interested to win and eventually cash that bonus out!

The bottom line is, pay attention to all the above five factors and remember that what is best for you may not be best for someone else. And what is best for someone else may not be the best option for you. Depending on the country you come from, decide what you want to do, what type of games you would like to play, what payment methods fit you and decide on your own what is the best online casino.

We have out together a list of safe and reputable online casinos here at CasinoTudor and while we have them ranked in the order we feel they deserve, you can be confident that paying at any of them your money is safe and you can expect a fun online experience. See our listing of the best online casinos and choose the one which best fits your situation.

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Is it better to play at an online or offline casino?

Online casinos have been around since around 1996 so they are hardly a new concept. They have grown immensely in terms of popularity over the last 10 years, mainly as a reflection of the general growth of the online world. However, many players may still never have played at an online casino but with an ever growing number of US online casinos for players to choose from, we take a look at how playing at the best online casinos compares to a trip to Vegas or your local casino.

Convenience – Online Wins

When it comes to convenience there can only be one winner. Online casinos and more recently mobile casinos mean you can play your favorite casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots whenever you want. Best of all, you can play wherever you want too, be that from your own bed, your home study, a bar or whilst you’re waiting in the car.

In contrast, playing at a bricks and mortar casino takes planning, organization and a special journey or trip and so online is the winner by a long way when it comes to convenience.

Cost – Online Wins

Essentially for the reasons we list above, online again wins hands down. To play at the best online casinos all you need is a cell, tablet, laptop or home computer and the internet. These are things that most people have anyway, effectively making it free to play online.

In contrast, a trip to the casino is going to set you back gas, maybe flights, perhaps a hotel and food and drink whilst you’re away. Play online and you can just pop into the kitchen and help yourself to a beer or a bag of chips whenever you want.

Atmosphere – Offline Wins

Okay, we have to give this one up to Vegas and other casinos. Even the brilliant live dealer options that the best online casinos have can’t recreate the excitement and atmosphere of a trip to a real, offline casino. That makes it 2-1!

Chance of Winning – Online Wins

Make that 3-1. Your chances of winning are so much better at an online casino because you will get a great bonus when you join, you may earn VIP points on top and, best of all, it’s easier to quit whilst you’re winning and not chase losses because you’re at home and haven’t made a special journey just to play.

Overall – Online Wins

3-1 is a conclusive win for the world of online casinos and we think it fairly reflects the truth that they are a wonderful option. Once a year, perhaps, the magic of a great real world casino resort is worth the trip but for everyday play, the best shot at winning and maximum convenience for minimum cost, it has to be online casinos all the way!

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Megasaur Online Slot Review

Megasaur is an exceptional real money slot that is available at a range of the best US legal online casinos and if you’ve never given it a try, you’re missing out, it’s that simple. Megasaur is produced by RTG (Realtime Gaming) and you can see which casinos use RTG software in our online casino reviews, which will make it very simple to find which casinos offer this excellent online slot.

The first thing to say about Megasaur is that it is a progressive slot with a linked jackpot. That means that instead of playing for a few hundred, or even thousand dollars, on Megasaur the progressive jackpot is worth almost $1m! At the time of writing the jackpot stands at an amazing $985,000, but who knows, by the time you read this, it may have reached the amazing seven figure mark, meaning that in just one spin of the Megasaur reels you could become a Megasaur millionaire!

This slot has already made one millionaire and the next one could be right around the corner – it could be you! The progressive jackpot isn’t the only reason to play this slot though. It’s fun, fast, colorful and packed with nice features and aside from the main jackpot there are also lots of other ways to win big.

The three main dinosaur symbols pay out 1,000, 750 and 250 credits respectively and those wins are doubled if your five in a row includes a red wild. There are two wilds to spice this game up, the green Megasaur on reel 2 and the red, which appears on reel 4. Both are grouped and both substitute for any symbol apart from the other Megasaur wild and the scatter.

The scatter is the moon and volcano symbol and whilst two of these anywhere on the reels will land you a win, you’ll need three to enter the bonus round. The route to the progressive jackpot is found in the bonus feature as you’ll need to hit five scatters whilst in the bonus in order to land the big one. Clearly that’s no mean feat, but with the bonus offering up to 30 free spins you’re almost certain to land a big win of some description in the feature.

Overall Megasaur is well worth a look. The progressive jackpot and twin wilds mean you’re always on the edge of your seat and although it may not be the best looking slot around, land one of the many available dino-sized wins and you won’t care in the slightest!

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Tips for Playing Online Roulette

All of the best online casinos feature roulette and that is because roulette is without doubt one of the most popular casino games around. It offers glamour and excitement, it is easy to play, and it is suitable for both high rollers looking to strake huge sums with good odds of winning or smaller stakes players wanting to bet small and yet still win big.

As with all online casino games, the casino has the advantage over the player and the “house edge” theoretically ensures that the casino wins in the long run. However, with our top online roulette tips and just the faintest of helping hands from Lady Luck you can turn the tables on the house and walk away in profit.

Double Zero is Double Trouble

Double zero “American” roulette has a house edge not far short of double that of the single zero variety. That means the house is making twice as much profit on average and the player is losing twice as much. That, in turn, means you need TWICE as much luck to overturn the house edge and so double zero roulette, with a house edge of 5.26% should be avoided, whilst you should only ever play single zero, with an edge of just 2.7%.

Ignore Past Spins

The best online casinos have real money roulette games that display the most recent spins and this can lead some players into believing that these are in some way relevant. They aren’t. The roulette wheel has no memory and even if 10 blacks come up in a row, the odds of the next spin being black – or red, or green – remain the same. Don’t alter your betting according to previous spins and don’t be surprised by “surprising” runs of numbers.

Martingale is for Losers

The Martingale System has been around for hundreds of years and in theory delivers risk free profits playing online roulette. However, the theory is seriously flawed and you should never use Martingale unless you are aware of those flaws, aware of the risk of a HUGE loss and yet happy to try and take small profits anyway hoping that the inevitable big loss doesn’t strike early in your gaming.

Choose a Great Casino

You probably wouldn’t play roulette in a casino that you knew was owned by gangsters in the real, offline world, so when playing online, be sure to exercise the same judgement when picking which US real money roulette site you opt for. The best online casinos have big, easy bonuses, classy games and great records of paying out. At the worst you may never see your money again, regardless of whether you win or lose.

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Online Slot Review: Jackpot Pinatas

Realtime Gaming (RTG) power a lot of the best US real money casinos and slots sites, as you can see in our online casino reviews and here we’re taking a look at one of their best slots, Jackpot Pinatas.

Jackpot Pinatas is a progressive jackpot slot with an amazing jackpot that currently stands not too far shy of $2m. That means that in just one single spin of this wonderful slot, you could win a huge seven figure sum and change your life forever!

In order to scoop the massive progressive prize, which is pooled across other slots on the network, you need to hit five bull piñata symbols on any valid win line. Whilst the bull is the piñata of the slot’s name, the jackpot piñata, this fun slot also features two other piñata symbols, both of which will help you land a good win on the game.

The dog piñata is the way to enter the excellent bonus feature on Jackpot Pinatas and three of those will get you into the bonus. The bonus round is one of the best you’ll play and comes in two stages. First of all you choose from piñata symbols to reveal a cash prize before then heading into a free spins feature that not only has extra wild symbols present but also sees any wins doubled. With up to 25 free spins available you can land a huge win this way and whilst it might not reach seven figures, four is certainly a possibility.

The other piñata that features in Jackpot Pinatas is the donkey and this is the wild symbol, substituting for any symbol in the game apart from the other two pinatas. Wilds crop up with good regularity in Jackpot Pinatas and if you land two or three on the early reels you can be sure of a healthy win.

Most, if not all, wins on this slot are fairly substantial though and that’s because of one feature of the game that may not be to everybody’s taste. The minimum, indeed only, spin value on Jackpot Pinatas is $5. You must play all 20 lines on this five reel slot, with a quarter staked per line. $5 might seem like a lot but with around $1.8m on offer via the progressive, plus big wins due to the high line bet, it really is good value considering what a fun slot Jackpot Pinatas is.

To see which online casinos feature Jackpot Pinatas check out our online casino reviews or why not claim a casino bonus and play for free?!

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Online Slot Review: PayDirt

PayDirt is a hugely popular slot that is produced by Realtime Gaming, one of the top casino software companies used by the best online casinos in the USA. If you fancy trying a new real money slot then we would certainly suggest you give PayDirt a try – read on to find out why.

PayDirt is themed around the California Gold Rush that took place from around 1849 onwards. From a graphics and sound point of view that means you can expect lots of gold, mining, miners, dynamite and other Gold Rush related sights and sounds. As with many RTG slots, the graphics are probably a shade better than the sound effects, although neither are anything to get too excited about in truth.

However, they do the job and they also allow the slot itself to shine and the gameplay of this exciting slot is what really stands out. It’s a 25 line slot with five reels and the theme and name are linked because paydirt was the name given to the gravel and dirt that prospectors would search for gold. Finding gold on this slot is a whole lot easier, however, with a range of great ways to get lucky.

There are three separate bonus rounds and any of these is almost certain to deliver a very tasty win. Gold Rush offers extra stacked wilds, Gold Fever has a fixed central wild, whilst the best, though sadly rarest bonus, Strike It Lucky, offers a varying number and formation of wilds.

Wins with wilds are tripled too, and with stacked wilds on the second and fourth reels you can easily claim some nice wins even without hitting one of the bonus features. In addition to all of that, a randomly triggered progressive jackpot is a wonderful feature, meaning that with any single spin you could find gold, really adding to the excitement.

Another fine thing about PayDirt is the huge range of spin values you can play. There is the option to play just a single line, for a mere penny, whilst the maximum spin value is a huge $125. This means PayDirt is a great option for low stakes players or those wanting to use up the lost few cents in their account but is also a brilliant choice for slots high rollers looking to win BIG.

If you have never played this amazing slot, why not head to one of the best online casinos around, claim a bonus and get your own little Gold Rush under way?

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Biggest Progressive Jackpots Right Now

Progressive jackpot slots are, for many players, the main reason to play at an online casino. The chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars – or even millions of dollars – in an instant, with just one, cheap spin of the slot reels is hard to resist. One day you’re bored at home playing some online slots for half an hour, the next day you’re buying that dream car or going on that holiday of a lifetime. Progressive jackpots offer lotto-sized prizes and with spins costing just a couple of bucks or even less many online slots fans keep playing progressives waiting for today to be their day.

We feature a number of different online casinos here at Casino Tudor and you can see in our online casino reviews which of them feature progressive slots (pretty much all of them) but here we take a look at some of the jackpots on individual slots that are on offer right now. As you can see in our casino reviews, most of the sites we work with use the excellent RTG (Realtime Gaming) software and all of the slots listed below are RTG.

Aztec’s Millions

Aztec’s Millions is one of RTG’s most iconic slots and has a huge and loyal following. The current jackpot stands at more than $1.795m but there’s more to this slot than just a huge jackpot. A sequel to Aztec’s Treausre, this five reel slot evokes the jungle with nice sounds and graphics and also has an excellent bonus feature round. Oh, and did we mention a jackpot of almost $2m?!

Jackpot Pinatas

Jackpot Pinatas is another RTG classic and the current progressive jackpot stands at just a shade less than the jackpot for Aztec’s Millions, with $1,754,311 up for grabs! Another Mexican themed slot, this has a range of great bonus rounds and you can really rack up some big wins this way even if you miss out on the main progressive.

Shopping Spree II

Another RTG “sequel” slot, Shopping Spree II is all about spend, spend, spend and what a shopping spree you could have if you land the current jackpot of $363,000! Okay, that’s “just” the six figures, not seven but SSII is a little cheaper to play than the two slots above and so offers great value.

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold

Check out our online casino reviews to see where you can play this brilliant Egyptian-themed slot. Hit the progressive jackpot and you’ll win more than $360,000 but the bonus round, offering 15 free spins and trebled wins is also sure to deliver a tasty payout!

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